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As a representative and advocate for Emily King, as well as her ILS Instructor, and per your request, I am forwarding this letter in reference to what acquiring a donated wheelchair and walker will mean for her. Emily is an adult 33 year old woman, and has been using the same wheelchair since she was 19 years old. The wheels, push handles, arm rests, and other areas of the chair are in severe decline.

In addition, she currently does not have a walker, so must crawl on the floor to get to where she needs to go in her apartment.

Having this upgraded wheelchair and walker will greatly benefit her life, and give her the mobility and freedom she needs to go about her daily tasks. I would like to give my sincere appreciation to Ali Khani and the Able People Foundation for providing my client Emily a new means of mobility.

– Garrett Davidson
ILS Instructor
Employment & Community Options

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